The Crime Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained


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An enthralling introduction to humanity's darker side.

Investigate 100 of the world's most notorious crimes and find out what truly happened. Who are the people behind the most notorious crimes, why did they do it, and how were they caught? The pages of this book answer your questions about infamous criminals, their offenses, and the detectives who were hot on their heels. This book captures the most notorious crimes from medieval times to the modern-day.

With a foreword by British author Peter James, this book unravels the mysteries and ideocracies of transgressions by some of history's most infamous criminals.

Whether pure evil, opportunistic, or disturbed, each criminal is profiled to make sense of their lawless behavior and antisocial actions. Crime stories, mysteries, and criminals Investigate intriguing crimes such as the Mississippi Scheme, the Ponzi scheme, the Black Dahlia, and more recent cybercrimes.

The book also features enigmatic criminals such as Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, the Zodiac Killer, the Mafia, and more. Complete the Series: Complete the Big Ideas series by adding to your collection various interesting topics covered in books such as The Astronomy Book, The Art Book, The History Book, and many more.