Calisthenics Workout Bible: The #1 Guide for Beginners - Over 75+ Bodyweight Exercises 


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New to Bodyweight Training? You NEED This Book

The #1 Beginners Guide to Calisthenics (With Photos)

From the best-selling author, Bruce Harlow, comes Calisthenics Workout Bible: The #1 Guide for Beginners - Over 75+ Bodyweight Exercises (Photos Included). This book will introduce you to bodyweight training with simple calisthenic workouts

If you're bored with the same workout program and have hit a plateau...If you want to improve your core by building a stronger, more flexible & sexier body...Or if you just want to ditch the gym and train with your body weight...THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU

This book provides you with a simple beginners guide to calisthenics that has now been rated the #1 Beginners Guide with Photos on Amazon

It comes with all the instructions and photos that you will need to begin pushing your body further than ever before.

You can expect to see great health benefits and physical changes within just a few days.If you successfully implement the plan in this book, you will...

Become stronger and more flexible - with greatest improvements in your core strength Feel relaxed and healthy all day because calisthenics is a natural bodyweight workout Power up your body to boost your metabolic rate and burn more fat all day Be able to ditch the gym with a great list of home workouts to increase strength