You Are Your Own Gym


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From an elite Special Operations physical trainer, an ingeniously simple, rapid-results, do-anywhere program for getting into amazing shape. For men and women of all athletic abilities

As the demand for Special Operations military forces has grown over the last decade, elite trainer Mark Lauren has been at the front lines of preparing nearly one thousand soldiers, getting them lean and strong in record time.

Now, for regular Joes and Janes, he shares the secret to his amazingly effective regimen-simple exercises that require nothing more than the resistance of your own bodyweight to help you reach the pinnacle of fitness and look better than ever before. Armed with Mark Lauren's motivation techniques, expert training, and nutrition advice, you'll see rapid results by working out just thirty minutes a day, four times a week-whether in your living room, yard, garage, hotel room, or office.

Lauren's exercises build more metabolism-enhancing muscle than weightlifting, burn more fat than aerobics, and are safer than both, since bodyweight exercises develop balance and stability and therefore help prevent injuries.

Choose your workout level-Basic, 1st Class, Master Class, and Chief Class-and get started, following the clear instructions for 125 exercises that work every muscle from your neck to your ankles.

Forget about gym memberships, free weights, and infomercial contraptions.

They are all poor substitutes for the world's most advanced fitness machine, the one thing you are never without: your own body.