Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

State and County Correctional Facilities have the authority to determine permissible magazine and book titles and the number of items per package an inmate can receive when ordering items. Most Federal Correctional Facilities can receive between 2 to 5 items per package. will only ship a maximum of 5 items per package to any prison facility. Place an additional order when purchasing more than 5 items.

Please keep in mind:

  • All packages are shipped using the United States Postal Service and given a tracking number.
  • If you provide with an inaccurate or incomplete mailing address, incorrect ID number, or if your loved one changed facilities before the order was received, and the order is rejected and returned by the facility, you must pay to reship the order to the corrected inmate mailing address.
  • We do not issue refunds, exchanges, or credit for rejected and/or returned items.
  • Please check with your facility regarding permissible content and titles. Rejected and returned packages may be accompanied with institutional documentation stating why the package, or part of the package, was rejected and returned.

Consumer Inquiries

Receipt of Damaged Items: If magazines are delivered to your loved one damaged in any way, the prison officer must send the magazines back to our company within 5 business days of delivery.  The returned magazines must be accompanied with documentation from the mail room officer (ONLY).  If the damaged magazine(s) are not returned within 5 business days with the proper documentation from the mail room officer (ONLY) they will not be accepted. We are not responsible for any delays the prison may have.

Inaccurate Order Received: If a package arrives at a prison facility and the contents are claimed not to be what was ordered, the prison mail room officer must document this situation and write our company on prison letterhead stating that what arrived at the prison was not aligned to the itemized receipt. There is no exception to our policy. We are protecting ourselves from any and all scams that take place in the penitentiary system.