The Money Mafia 1: 100 Grand In 72 Hours


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Based in Baltimore City, where many suffer from the infestation of crime, 100 Grand in 72 Hours is a story about 3 friends that all have the same goal: living the good life. They formed the Money Mafia when they bought their first ounce. Kweezy, the unspoken leader of the group goes out of town to visit Kim, who introduces him to a different hustle and a new connect that can help him reach the million dollar mark he always dreamed of. Kweezy brings his boys Papi and 500 in to the game with him. When loyalty becomes disloyal, betrayal becomes betrayed, and the understanding of mis-communication can't be solved, things start to go arwy. Egos, pride, turmoil, and debts all culminate in this jaw dropper of a novel. This extraordinary tale is a page turner. Once you start you won't want to put it down.