Love Shouldn't Hurt Part 4: Mending Broken Hearts


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KAYMEE's life has been an up and down emotional rollercoaster, filled with abuse from the ones she loved.

The pain she endures make it hard for her to trust love again until DRAY breaks through her defenses and captures her heart.

Will Kaymee experience heartbreak for the umpteenth time? Or will she finally get rewarded with true love? Meanwhile, a psycho from Kaymee's past has reappeared.

Will this person's presence disrupt Kaymee's peace and turn her life into a train wreck? Or will Kaymee show her true backbone and fight off the demon that threatens her emotional stability? While Kaymee is navigating her turbulent waters, MONTEZ must calm the storms in his life.

He tries to hold himself together while his wife fights for her life.

Will Montez get a chance to redeem himself? Or will he have to bury the woman he truly loves before ever getting the chance to prove to her that he's changed? LOVE SHOULDN'T HURT, but often it does.