A Gangster's Syn Part 2: Deadly as Sin


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LUKE is on trial for his freedom and his life.

Will he beat the murder rap or is prison about to become his home? Can SYN hold things together without her better half? Or will pressure bring out that female beast that's inside of her? On the inside, Luke won't be able to escape CALICO, who has people seemingly everywhere.

But a true gangster never folds even in the face of strong and savage opposition.

All street codes and laws are about to be pushed to the limit as a fierce fight for dominance, revenge and survival ensues.

Meanwhile, Luke's woman proves that she's his most lethal weapon.

Blessed with beauty, wits, guile, and a loyalty like no other, Syn will set the streets ablaze with gunplay and murder, anything to free her man.

But will it all be in vain once her secrets come to the surface?