A Dope Boy's Queen: The Game Ain't Fair


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ZION is an ambitious hustler who aims to succeed and have the world at his fingertips.

By his side is his wife, CLAUDETTE, who isn't just a pretty face.

Claudette has strong ambitions of her own, along with an untamed heart of a lioness.

Together, the couple is unstoppable.

But in the ruthless world of drug dealing, fake loyalty and unseen agendas, can the perfect husband and wife union survive? Lies fuel love and treachery, and tragic consequences await.

Will A DOPE BOY'S QUEEN get caught up in the powerful clutch of money, greed and jealousy? Or will she stand by her man in love and war? All vows and promises will be put to the test.

And just when Claudette thinks she has found someone she can truly trust, she'll learn the harshest lesson of all: she can trust no one, not even herself.