3X Krazy Part 2: Gas Nation


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Temperatures flare as the stakes for survival reaches its zenith for Gas Nation and the Decepticons.

The war between the two gangs starts to take its toll, as the bodies begin dropping on both sides.

In this war, no one is off limits, that includes lieutenants and generals. Decepticons are out for blood, even targeting women and children.

But when the leader of the Decepticons' identity is revealed, everyone, including JEFF TO DA LEFT, leader of Gas Nation, gets the shock of a lifetime. Jeff To Da Left is no stranger to the murder game, but will the young killah have what it takes to take down the head of the Decepticons? This battle pits brother against brother, friend against foe.

California's number one rule is, Anybody Can Get It and in the slums of West Oakland, the Gas Nation is out to make that happen in a way that's 3X KRAZY.