A Bronx Tale Part 3: Sleeping with the Enemy

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After fighting against all odds to break free from the merciless jungle of the Bronx, JAHMANI, must overcome more attacks from his many enemies who salivate at the opportunity to annihilate him.

Can the remorseless street warrior withstand another assault on his existence? With LONNIE's life on the line and precious seconds ticking away, Jahmani is forced to place his trust in ARI, a former lover whose heart he shattered.

Will this unlikely alliance be his undoing? Is a woman's scorn more deadly than a clap back of bullets? Meanwhile, MISTY vows to stand by Jahmani even if she loses her life in the process.

But, will her loyalty wane when the truth inevitably comes out? In A BRONX TALE 3 many secrets are exposed, and the consequences are deadly!