A Dope Boy's Queen Part 3: When The Smoke Clears The Fire Starts


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CLAUDETTE SNOW has ascended from A DOPE BOY'S QUEEN to a bona fide queenpin herself. Although she's deeply entrenched in the game, love is her weakness. After acknowledging her major flaw, Claudette decides to choose family over the insidious drug business that has become her life, but getting out is a lot harder than it was for her to get in.

 Claudette didn't choose the game, it chose her. Nevertheless, her stature is too big for her to disappear back into a normal, everyday lifestyle. The enemies she couldn't see before are now in plain sight, and they are out to gun her down.

Forced into becoming a savage, Claudette trades in her diamonds and stilettos for automatic weaponry and war shoes. What others thought was a game has become personal. Will this pretty-face dope girl run and hide?

Or will she murder her opps one by one?