A Dopeboy's Dream: From Dream to Reality


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In the Bad News area of Virginia, RICH has the drug game in a headlock, while the haters hope for his downfall.

When it happens, everyone will turn their backs on him and cross him out, but if they thought Rich's days on top were over, they're about to be in for a rude awakening. Through his son, Rich plans to orchestrate deadly vengeance against those who betrayed him.

Meanwhile, DON and K are making boss moves as they ascend to a higher level in the streets.

Will they learn the hard way that A DOPE BOY'S DREAM can quickly become a nightmare? Or will they cause others to regret coming after their heads? When Don sends his crew to takeover a rival's territory, how many bodies will pile up? Who can Don trust when the tables turn and everybody is playing for keeps? In Bad News, it's never good news, and no one is exempt from a bullet in the head.