A Dopeboy's Prayer: To Live and Die in Chi-Raq

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When a bloody war between rival gangs claim dozens of lives on both sides, leaving both crews short on street soldiers, the gangs' leaders turn to desperate recruitment measures to reinforce their troops.

Only days after clicking up with their hood team, young Zep and Tiso find themselves on the frontline of a battle that's sure to earn the city of Chicago the infamous title of Murder Capital.

Zep and Tiso didn't start the street war, but their acumen for murder might very well eliminate the competition.

In the city dubbed Chi-Raq, the two best friends quickly rise up the nefarious ranks of gang life, where money and death go hand in hand.

But will their reign be short-lived? Or will A Dope Boy's Prayer to escape the pitfalls of that life be answered? Nothing besides heartache and spilled blood is guaranteed on the city's cold and brutal streets.

And when a well-connected drug dealer's mother is tortured, robbed and murdered, the atrocity leads to an all-out quest for vengeance with an unwitting Zep placed as a high value target on the kill list.

Will Zep learn early and fast enough to enable him to survive against all odds? Or will he meet his demise by a burst of deadly gunfire.