A Dopeman's Riches: Money Rules The World


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She was born JASMINE NICHOLS and given the nickname "RICHES" because that was her destiny.

Her beauty made her the envy of most women and the weakness of many men, while the lies she told and the secrets she kept hidden caused many to lose their lives over her. Seductive, street smart, and conniving, Riches has the drug dealers in Fort Worth, Texas in an uproar as they wage war for money, power and her affection.

But only one man can win. After serving three years for the crime of falling in love and doing the unimaginable, YUSELF finds himself back on the streets, ready to reclaim his throne.

The furthest thing from his mind is love.

Until he meets Riches and then things get crazy real fast. Will Yousef's murder game shield him from the enemies he incur by hooking up with a notorious bad girl? Or will the price of A-1 kitty be the death of a boss hustla?

A DOPEMAN'S RICHES is a breathtaking tale of love, sacrifice and cold blooded betrayal.