A Drug King and His Diamond: Supremacy In The Game


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After her drug kingpin brother is sentenced to a long prison term in the Fed's, CHANEL and her brother's most trusted comrade, CHRIS, take control of The Circle, the notorious money-getting crew her beloved brother once headed.

With Chris by her side, the pretty Queen Pin delivers a deadly warning to others who eat from the drug platter.

They'll either do things her way or they'll be marked for death.But Chanel's opposition is plenty.

The men she must eliminate are sick with their murder game, and one in particular is as smooth as he is dangerous, and he too has a boss bitch on his team.Millions of dollars are on the line as the city erupts in a bloody street war.

But when unlikely attractions blossom, will the bloodshed stop? Or will the true boss of the game outsmart everyone and prove that the thirst for money and power outweighs love?A DRUG KING AND HIS DIAMOND will end all debate as to whether the Boss of Bosses wears pants or a skirt?