A Gangsta's Empire Part 2: Power Move


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JABAR has taken over THE COMBS' empire and locked down the streets of Los Angeles.

He is the new leader of the family, but the opposition coming for his throne.

The BDOG (Boss Dawgs Outlaw Gang) a criminal organization of drug trafficking killers is looking to control the cocaine trade in Southern California, and murder anyone standing in their way, during their rise to power. YADA finds her life on the line when a video tape surfaces of her and DOUGH BOY busting VOSS out of The House of Pain.

BANG, Jabar's top goon is in possession of the tape, and he's willing to hold on to her secret as long as she complies with his demands.

Will Yada bend to his will, or will she find herself in harm's way? Meanwhile, JABAR is becoming extremely suspicious of Yada's involvement in Voss's homemade prison escape.

To throw him off of her trail, she seduces him with promises of love, sex and loyalty.

But in her efforts to manipulate him, will she be betraying her commitment to Voss? Or will he look at her shady dealings as her doing what she must to survive?