A Gangsta's Qur'an Part 2: Mafioso-The Firm


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After being acquitted of multiple charges for murder in Philadelphia, ALI and his crew move their operations to Las Vegas where the underworld is even more seedy than the place they just left.

In Sin City, MUSA introduces Ali to a new hustle that fits his vicious gangsterism like a bloody glove.

Now Ali is dealing with The Firm, which is headed by the notorious Italian Mob.

And when things go wrong someone must pay with their life.

 Will Musa and Ali be ready for what's in store for them.

Will A GANGSTA'S QUR'AN offer them salvation or damnation? Will the brothers from Philly be equipped to handle the Mob's venomous heat? Better yet, will the Mob be able to fight off the brothers' street-honed warfare?