A Gangsta's Qu'ran (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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In the dangerous streets of Philly, ALI and his crew live by the holy grail of a GANGSTA'S QUR'AN, get down or lay down.

Those words are sacred in their circle and these smart but vicious hustlers are willing to go to their graves to enforce their way of life on those that oppose them.BLACK PROPHET is as much of a legend in the city as Ali is a revered gangsta.

When their paths cross in a volatile way, the clap back from both ends get violent and downright gruesome.

Enter rookie FEDERAL AGENT WILLIAM's, a young, exotic-looking female who's looking to rid the streets of organized criminals such as Ali and his band of fearless killers.Will Agent Williams be successful in her plight? Or will she find herself caught up in something she's unequipped to handle? Will Ali find a path to righteousness? Or will death claim him as he continues to live by an unforgiving code? Book 2 After being acquitted of multiple charges for murder in Philadelphia, ALI and his crew move their operations to Las Vegas where the underworld is even more seedy than the place they just left.In Sin City, MUSA introduces Ali to a new hustle that fits his vicious gangsterism like a bloody glove.

Now Ali is dealing with The Firm, which is headed by the notorious Italian Mob.

And when things go wrong someone must pay with their life.Will Musa and Ali be ready for what's in store for them.

Will A GANGSTA'S QUR'AN offer them salvation or damnation? Will the brothers from Philly be equipped to handle the Mob's venomous heat? Better yet, will the Mob be able to fight off the brothers' street-honed warfare? Book 3 ALI and his prolific crew of hustlers and killers leave Las Vegas to set up shop in Miami.

With a new way of operating, will they continue to find success or is there extreme peril on the horizon?When SOFIA, the previously unchallenged boss of the Cuban Cartel learns that her child's father is making moves to take over her empire, will she show mercy? Or will she make the punishment fit the betrayal?Will Ali be able to stand tall when his friends turn into enemies? The pot threatens to boil over if Ali doesn't identify and eliminate the bad seeds.

There's only one thing to do when the codes of A GANGSTA'S QUR'AN aren't being honored?