A Gangster's Code Part 2: Thug Immortal


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After losing everything, POP takes C-NOTE's head to GONZO, hoping to clear his name.

Instead of receiving a pass from his plug, Pop is given seventy-two hours to leave town or he'll have an on onslaught of bullets aimed at him and his family.

Broke, homeless and bitter, Pop relocates his family to Houston, Texas, seeking a new start in the game.

There he meets BORN READY, a man who plays the streets like a game of chess.

When a supreme hustler and a fearless gunner join forces, there's no stopping their rise to the top.

But treachery, deceit and trouble lies in wait.

The fast money is good, but Pop's woman, QUEENIE, prefers his love and attention much more than his riches.

When the streets become more important to Pop than his home, will he still be able to trust the woman he loves? Or will his neglect of her breed the unthinkable in her heart? Whatever comes with the game, good or bad, Pop is determined to live or die by A GANGSTER'S CODE, the only true way to become a Thug Immortal.