A Gangster's Code Part 3 : Bloody Betrayal


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POP SOMETHIN' and his ridah, PRINCESS, flee the state to gather themselves and make a new start, but while doing so they have left QUEENIE shot up, bleeding, and dying in the streets like a dog.

Shortly after reaching their new destination, the inseparable and street savvy couple devise a plan to take over the drug game in the area.

But who can they trust to help them when every face is foreign to their eyes? Determined to succeed, Pop Somethin' and his thoroughest chick piece together a hungry team of wolves who just might elevate them to the top.

Meanwhile, back in the city they left behind, Queenie miraculously survives what was thought to be certain death, and now she's made a pack with Pop Somethin's most bitter, longtime enemy, D.D.

Will this unlikely pairing be the beginning of Pop Somethin's end? Will it lead to vengeance of the worst kind? Or will A GANGSTA'S CODE spare the life of the one who doesn't deserve forgiveness