A Gangster's Code (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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Sticking to the G-Code is more than a motto to a real gangster.

POP SOMETHIN epitomizes what an official "G" is all about.

For more than a decade, the legendary shooter and jack boy, brought terror to Houston, Texas, using his gun to obliterate everything in his path.

When enemies try to clap back at Pop Somethin, he shows them just how he earned his street name, but this time the slaying lands him in the penitentiary.

There, he meets C-NOTE, a prosperous dope boy from Dallas, who is being extorted by a vicious prisoner named BUCK WILD.

Staying true to A GANGSTER'S CODE, Pop Somethin comes to his mans' rescue in a cold, violent manner that Buck Wild isn't prepared for, and he dares anyone to avenge the well-known convict.

C-Note is more than impressed by his new friend's loyalty.

When he is released, he offers Pop Somethin a chance to get rich at his side, A FAVOR FOR A FAVOR.

With Pop Somethin now on the other side of the drug game, the streets are about to witness gangsterism at its best.

Houston, Texas beware!