A Gangster's Revenge Part 4: The Crumbling of an Empire


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Just like his father, DJ has proven that his murderous intentions won't be denied.

But can he fill DEVAUGHN's large shoes? The power is up for grabs but taking it won't be easy when the dead refuse to remain in their grave and deceit lurks behind every closed door.

Faced with these obstacles and a strong, deadly attack from enemies, the Mitchell family bond together to lock the drug game down like they've done in the past.

However, with DJ now at the helm, the opposition is fierce and unwilling to fold.

And they must face the deadly reality of what revenge breeds.

A GANGSTER'S REVENGE 4 brings the saga to an end, but not before the love, lies and drama take their toll on everyone.

In this final installment, peace is only a dream, and no one affiliated with the Mitchell's can claim innocence in what unfolds.

As the hands of time tick with grave consequences, no one is safe from bullets and betrayal.

When the bloodshed finally ends, who will remain breathing?