A Gangster's Revenge (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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After serving a long prison bid, Devaughn Mitchell comes home armed with a vengeful heart and a hunger to regain everything he lost.

By his side is his sister, Keyz.

Beautiful, intelligent, calculating and deadly, she is a Boss in her own right.

The game has never seen a player of Keyz' magnitude or one with her beauty, but she will prove to everyone how cold her heart can be and how deep blood runs.

And when fierce love is mixed into the cacophony of greed, lies and betrayal, the streets will tremble with utter fear when caught up in the wrath of A GANGSTER'S REVENGE.

In the aftermath of losing DEVAUGHN, those who built their worlds around him must now figure out who they truly are without him.

With KEYZ' betrayal fresh on everyone's mind, Devauhn's wife, RAMONA, his mistress, CANDY, and his daughter, DESHANA, are hungry for the feast of revenge.

In the streets, bullets are currency and they can buy anybody.

So with both sides having unlimited resources, who will win this war? Everybody's motivation is in some way tied to Devaughn but it is hard for them to see the bigger picture when they're a part of the portrait. The Mitchell family still have enemies and it's not just themselves.

Now it's time for everybody to find out how deadly revenge can get.

DEVAUGHN MITCHELL is back and he's finally got that bird in hand with his sights set on what lurks in the bush.

As he maneuvers his way to his ultimate goal, there are only a few people he can trust and the list is even shorter for those who are safe from his wrath. The Mitchell's motto is Family over Everything.

But will that hold true when the predators become the prey? Or will self-preservation prove to be the code that they live and die by? Even with old scores settled, the slate can never be clean because time doesn't heal all wounds.

But when seeking revenge, one should dig a grave for himself while digging one for his enemies. A GANGSTER'S REVENGE 3 gives you the old and the new with loyalty and life being the things up for grabs.

Along the way many shall perish as they contest THE RISE OF A KING.