A Gangster's Syn Part 3: The Reign of Syn


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LUKE and SYNCERE appear to have finally put the drama behind them and are living their best lives in spite of Luke's past infidelities.

Syn is thriving and Luke is doing big things, but there are dark clouds looming.

CALICO may be dead but his murder is not forgotten.

Soon vengeance will land at Syn and Luke's front door.

Will that vengeance come from the dead man's family? Or will revenge be delivered by an old friend? With hired shooters and gang banging Crips aiming at their heads, Luke and his thorough woman will feel the heat.

But folding ain't in their DNA.

Neither is it in the makeup of those that want them to be deceased.

Will one man and his woman take on an army of ruthless killers and live to tell their story? Or will A GANGSTER'S SYN also become the death of him?