A Pimp's Perspective: Boss Game & Senior Citizen Ism


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Curious to know what it takes to be a ladies man and a multi-millionaire boss all at the same time? Or the top secrets how to captivate women that Hugh Hefner took to the grave? The same tips that helped him turn Playboy into an ultra-rich global brand? Maybe you’d like to learn the rules to the Game so that you can develop supreme confidence, impeccable charm & endless amounts of riches. If so, A Pimps Perspective is for you!

Don’t be fooled to believe that business tycoons, entrepreneur phenoms and even the president of the United States doesn’t use the Pimp mentality. In a world where the rich are continuing to get richer, this comprehensive study guide will show you how not to be left behind & take ideals from the minds that stand behind the oldest profession to know what the elite don’t want you to know.

When there’s only two types of people in the world….A Boss and an employee, this masterpiece gives you a chance to compete with the ruthless shares & prosper beyond your wildest dreams!