A Savage Dopeboy Part 2: Clap Back


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JAHROME'S back is against the wall as he tries to protect BABY GIRL AND MAMI from enemies and pitfalls that threaten to bring their lives to a tragic end.

Meanwhile, JOCK looks to annihilate Jahrome, but A SAVAGE DOPEBOY will never lay down his crown.

When DYMOND can no longer take the abuse from Jock, she sets her sights on his right-hand man, GUNZ.

Will Dymond be able to seduce Gunz into betraying his loyal friend? Or will her hurriedly hashed plans blow up in her face? With war and chaos spilling over from every angle, it's guns up and love down

Will Jahrome somehow evade his most callous enemy? Will the trap Dymond set for Gunz end up snaring her instead?