A Savage Love Part 2: Broken Pieces Of The Heart


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It has long been said that the sins of the parent will be inflicted upon the child, but what happens when the opposite becomes true? LORENZO is a coldhearted mufucka whose hatred of women runs as hot as a furnace and deeper than an ocean filled with blood.

His sadistic disrespect has made him do the unthinkable to MAKAYLA, a woman whose love for him was ironclad.

Will Lorenzo regret his treachery or will that ice cold bitch called karma visit him through the woman who birthed the savage that Lorenzo had become? SHAYNA lives her life by her own rules, beholden to no one, and experience has taught her not to believe in love.

But everyone has a weakness and the heart can be exploited.

Thus, will Shayna be made to pay for her son's sins against love? Or will she prove to be just as savage as her offspring when the chips are down? A SAVAGE LOVE 2 will give you chills as those questions are answered.