A Shooter’s Ambition: Birth of a Sniper


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BYRON HOBSON is a product of Chicago's notorious Westside.

Raised in a single parent home, he begins to go astray when he answers to the call of the wicked streets by joining a dangerous drug crew called the Mafia's .After climbing the ranks of the gang, Byron learns the hard way that there are rules in the streets and violations can lead to severe consequences.

With the will to overcome all adversity, he makes a decision that will shape the rest of his life, however long or short that might be. When Byron returns from a forced hiatus, during which he becomes a certified shooter, he brings home with him a deadly mantra that the city dubbed Chiraq isn't quite ready for.

Those who have wronged Byron are about to feel the wrath of his gun. Will Byron's revenge be the cause of his demise or will his foes be laid to the concrete by a SHOOTER'S AMBITION?