A Thug's Devotion


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A hustler sets out to free his  adopted father after he was arrested but will have to forgo the only woman he loves who also happens to be his adopted father's daughter.

VICTOR KNIGHT, who is known only as Knight by many and a hustler by nature is forced to relocate from his home town Flint, Michigan to Miami, Florida.

Learning a lot as a child who grew up in the street, Knight could provide for himself and keep up with life until he meets DONOVAN KING who later teaches him the rules and way of a true hustler, and the life of a dope boy.

Knight  finds himself taking to the hustle quicker and becomes stronger than his adopted father could imagine, thanks to his background.

Knight falls in love with KARINNE KING, the daughter of Donovan.

Things begin to fall apart after the odd and questionable arrest that lands Donavon in jail fighting federal trafficking charges.  Knight devotes him self whole heartedly into freeing his adopted father while he risks losing Karinne, the only woman he truly loves.