Addicted to the Drama Part 2: Damaged Love


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With the chaos and devastation from their past relationships finally behind them, MACAL and THUY look to share a love filled with hot passion and romance.

But things aren't always as beautiful as they seem. Macal still can't get enough of his main mistress, LOLETTE, and his betrayals threaten to come to light at every turn. How long will Thuy remain blind to her man's infidelity and lies? When the truth comes out will she stay or leave? While dishonesty and deceit eat at the bond Macal and by Thuy are trying to build, outside forces hover in plain sight and within the shadows, threatening to cost them something much more than their relationship, it could cost them their lives

Can this damaged love survive all that it will face? Or will the couple prove to be ADDICTED TO THE DRAMA until it leads one or both of them to a tragic demise?