Affliction: Shades of Revenge


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In the mean streets of Milwaukee, a.k.a. Killwaukeee, everybody fights to make it-legally or illegally.

It's no different for Jasso and Asad, two friends who hustle hard together and always have each other's backs-or for gang boss Eshy and his goons, whose easy living comes from jacking hard-working hustlers like Jasso and Asad. But when Asad is attacked by Eshy's goons, and then one of Jasso's safe houses is busted by unknown enemies, their friendship is put to test.

A series of wars is set off, and those involved have only one thing in mind: revenge. This story is filled with love, lust, loyalty, loss, and larceny.

It's sure to keep you flipping pages the way a good urban story should.