All Eyes on Gunz (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set

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Book 1

These days, it seems everyone wants Tom "Tommy Guns" Anderson dead.

The hard-nosed Keystone state drug dealers actions - have put him directly in the crosshairs of federal law enforcement, rival dealer's, and one of the world's most infamous terrorist organizations...Al Qaeda

 However despite their best efforts neither enemy has been able to apprehend or kill the gangster, whose proven to be extremely resourceful (and a little bit lucky)...up to this point.

But peering over his shoulder at the constant threat of death, while also trying to 'checkmate' their various methods of surveillance, has become exceedingly laborious for Tommy Guns. With his adversaries remaining relentless in their pursuit, and a quickly waning network of allies, Tommy Guns begins to plot perhaps his greatest escape to date.

Book 2

After fleeing Philly, on the run from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies after murdering an undercover agent, Tom "Tommy Guns" Anderson makes his new life in Atlanta.

He is living the good life, too, until he has to return to Philly to get his cash and his stash, so he can build his new empire and relocate his family to his new hood.

Once back in Pennsylvania, he finds that this plan might be easier said than done, because not only are the Feds hot on his trail, but also he is double-crossed by his former ally, Rico, who helped him break out of police custody in the first place.

The war is on in Philly, but are Tommy Guns and his new crew from Atlanta strong enough to come out on top and make it back to Atlanta safely, or will the street life finally do him in? One thing is for certain, they will fight to the death, because prison isn't an option.

Book 3

Knowing the Feds are closing in on him in Atlanta, Tom "Tommy Guns" Anderson makes his way a little further south to the city of Miami, to lay low and make some new connections, so he can continue life the only way he knows how.

After meeting a cold-blooded young buck who would do anything to hold his hood down and reuniting with his little homies from Atlanta, Geez and Little D, Tommy sets out to make a new name for himself among the bosses of Miami.

Once he meets up with Tony El Fantasia, the "Ghost," the brother of his now-deceased connect Turnpike Tito in Tito's old club, Skyblue, things seem to be looking up for Tommy and his crew.

But it is not all blue skies on the horizon, as the women in his life seem to be about one thing: money.

Will Tommy finally get his fresh start and get revenge on those who have wronged him, or will the lies and deceit of those he trusts the most finally do him in?