All Hail the Queen: From Trials & Tribulations To Triumphs & Victories


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"When they called me "Plus-Sized", I declared it "Queen-Sized" instead." Shatroyia Phillips has always done things her way, -with a Queen-Sized Attitude & a Queen-Sized Boldness. Since her life positioned her as the first in everything, she was forced to take the lead -ready or not. Life didn't give her any instructions or mercy. Instead it gave her hard solid blows that knocked her down to her knees; Trials & Tribulations that are unbearable to some, & only survived by the Chosen. Once she had risen, it hit her again until she learned how to stand. And once she learned how to stand, then life handed over her Crown. There is always an order to things, & in all things there is a Hierarchy. -All Hail The Queen. Broward business woman and socialite Shatroyia Phillips, the winner of the 2013 Miss Miami Plus Size Pageant has released her autobiography. The tell-all entitled “All Hail The Queen: From Trials and Tribulations to Triumphs and Victories” is her first-hand account of her life and how she was able to turn her trials into triumph. Phillips is the daughter of the high profile “alleged” drug kingpin Elroy Phillips who has been proven to be wrongfully convicted but still awaits release from Federal custody. Ms. Phillips’ literary offering is a bold, raw testimony of how she faced abandonment in her earlier life which led her down the same path of incarceration as her parents. The novel takes you through a twenty five year span of Ms. Phillips young and adult life. The novel is candidly honest and in her own words “Inspiring”. The self- titled “Plus Sized Socialite” says she was inspired to write the book after winning the 2013 Miss Miami Plus Size Pageant. “I was amazed at the amount of women that reached out to me after the pageant. There were teenaged as well as adult women who told me their personal stories of struggle with self-esteem and self-image because they were full figured, and how I inspired them. I wanted to do more. I wanted them and everyone else to know that beauty and success comes in all sizes.” “All Hail The Queen: From Trials and Tribulations to Triumphs and Victories”