All Work No Play


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Chicago's biggest drug trafficker J. Ross is fresh out of the pen, and looking to reclaim his spot atop the windy city's criminal hierarchy.

But first, he concocts a deadly plan of revenge.

Headed up by a vicious hired gun named Vudu.

Vudu's marching orders are simple, travel to neighboring Milwaukee and obliterate the ones J.

Ross holds responsible for his lengthy prison stint.

Meanwhile, mil-town watches as its own gangland drama unfolds.

Stepbrother and stepsister team Calboy and GP make their bank by ripping off dealers, while local hoods Kadeem and Gully see their flourishing drug business as a necessary evil.

A stepping stone towards stardom, and better quality of life.

But as all four inch closer to achieving their respective goals, loyalties begin to shift, and codes once considered sacred are suddenly breached.

This, as the threat of J.

Ross's newly-arrived henchman, looms large over everyone involved.