An Unforeseen Love Part 2: For The Love of You Malik & Toni


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After being in a relationship for years, MALIK discovers that the woman he loves isn't the person he thought she was. Reeling emotionally, Malik goes on a getaway to St. Thomas Island where unexpectedly the seeds to AN UNFORESEEN LOVE are planted. Once he's back in sunny California, he's determined not to let anything or anyone get in the way of his budding interest in TONI.

 Meeting Malik is a welcomed and refreshing addition to Toni's life, but just when love and happiness appears to be at her doorstep, a blast from Toni's past appears out of nowhere wanting to rekindle a flame that no longer exists. Meanwhile, Toni has family issues that could rise up and turn her life upside down.

Will Malik and Toni's relationship be strong enough to withstand the turmoil that's threatening to destroy what they are building together? Will Malik be able to move completely on from the one he loved before?

With so many obstacles in their way, only true love can help Malik and Toni withstand the rain.