Angel Part Two


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HONESTY PHILLIPS thought she avenged the death of her father, TONY, but she was wrong. The nightmare that she left behind eight year ago is back.

Now Honesty must confront an enemy like nothing she has ever faced in her life.

With courage and the help of her thugged out boyfriend, TRIGGA, she's ready to face all challenges head on.

After being shot in her salon and left for dead, ANGEL rose from the ashes like the Phoenix.

As she convalesced, she was told a lie that she lived with for the last eight years.

Once that lie is exposed, Angel will stop at nothing to get revenge.

She embarks on a blood thirsty killing spree that leaves the city in fear.

When Angel and Honesty meet, sparks will fly and only one of them can survive.

Who will it be? It's been a long time coming, but the explosive sequel to Angel is here and I promise you that it won't disappoint.

Once you pick it up, you will not put it down.