Bae Belongs to Me Part 2: Til Death Do Us Part


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KATRINA, his heart forever, and that's exactly what she expects.

She loves him unconditionally and will do whatever it takes to protect their union from the many thirsty female vultures who lust over her man.

Will Katrina's almost diabolical desire to keep AHMANI to herself lead to deathly consequences for the women that cross their paths? Is heartbreak and a prison cell in Katrina's future.

If Ahmani thinks the more women he has, the merrier his life will be, unforeseen circumstances will soon open his eyes to what's real and what's fake.

Will he learn his lesson? Or will he continue to drag Katrina through the mud?   Just when Katrina thinks the happiness she has longed for is within her reach, she learns how hard God laughs at the plans people make.

In this sequel to BAE BELONGS TO ME the betrayal, deceit, and downright cold-hearted transgressions will leave you gasping for breath.