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J.T. is a cold-hearted but thoughtful, young street savage who learned the game from a wizened kingpin. Amongst the many lessons he was taught, he knew to move in silence and the importance of out-thinking the competition.

Armed with boss jewels on hustling and survival of the fittest, his ascent to the top of the drug hierarchy seems predestined.

But the streets never bow down unless made to do so forcefully.

In the midst of bloody chaos, as he's annihilating all foes, J.T.

encounters two stomp down hood chicks, LiL MOMMA and JENNIFER, whose hearts just might be colder than his.

Will there be a clash unlike any he's faced on his journey of duffel bags and limelight? Or will his gangsta style capture the girls' love and loyalty? With money and success comes haters and back-stabbers, and one careless move can cost a man everything, including his life.

BLAST FOR ME, the heart racing new series by GHOST, the author of RAISED AS A GOON 1,2&3, will leave you spellbound.