Blinded by His Love: Foolish Heart


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Young, beautiful and intelligent LEILANI is the classic daddy's girl, whose future seems bright and limitless. She has plans to become a lawyer, steering clear of the downfalls that engulf many girls her age.

But those plans take a drastic turn when she meets COY, a proverbial bad boy with a lot of intoxicating aura that Leilani will find hard to resist.

Raised in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, where crime and getting money was his everyday mission, Coy's gangsta pumped fear in the hearts of many.

Women mean little to nothing to the streetwise hooligan, but Leilani's love just might soften his cold heart.

Or is it too late for her to turn a savage into a gentle thug? BLINDED BY HIS LOVE, Leilani can only pray for the best once Coy's true demons come out and circumstances strip away every shred of her naivete and force her to face the true man she had forsaken everything for.

Will Leilani be able to escape Coy's treacherous grip and reclaim her good girl status? Or will he force her into a dark place where there's no return?