Blood of a Boss Part 2: The Streets Is Watching


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With GRIP out of the country and MOOK's empire in the palm of his hand, SONNY quickly rises to the top of Philadelphia's underworld. But as Sonny struggles to find a balance between the streets and his family, a whirlwind of tragic events nearly brings him to his knees.

An old friend becomes a new enemy and he realizes nothing or no one is safe, not even his own family.

Grip returns to America and he is determined to settle an old score with the Italians in South Philly, but the feds are watching his every move and they're anxious to do whatever it takes to bring him down.

In the midst of the non-stop drama, an unforeseen enemy declares war on the entire Moreno family, rocking them to the core.

Will Sonny and Grip put their differences aside and come together to form a united front? Or will a house divided come crashing down?