Blood of a Boss Part 4: Rahmello's Betrayal


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With GRIP back in his native land of Cuba and SONNY behind bars potentially facing the death penalty, RAHMELLO is anointed as the new boss of The Moreno Family.

But when strict orders demand he lay dormant until the outcome of Sonny's trial, Rahmello becomes furious.

No longer willing to stand by as the obedient younger brother, his lust for power accelerates into unpredictable actions.

In a brash attempt to establish himself as his own boss, he forms an alliance with Sonny's arch nemesis-THE MEDELLIN CARTEL.

With the Columbians backing him and a team of killers ready to annihilate anyone in his way, Rahmello will stop at nothing to reclaim the streets of Philly.

Even if it means he has to go to war with his own family.

The YBM, headed by THE REAPER, is on a full blown collision course with The Moreno Family.

Unfortunately, Rahmello doesn't see it-he's too blinded by his own deceit.

Will his thirst for power leave him vulnerable to the YBM's advance? Or will he reign supreme, totally independent of his family's bloodline?