Blood on the Money Part 2: From Crumbs to Bricks


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DRAYEZ has dope boy dreams and the albatross around his neck that comes with having a money-hungry baby mama who's pressuring him to get money or get lost.

Fed up with being broke, Drayez decides to get on his grind and once he links up with VAN, there seems to be nothing that can stop him from reaching his aspirations. Drayez and Van begin shining and enjoying the fruits of their hustling, but everything that shines isn't gold, as they are about to find out.

Van has murderous enemies from his past who come to snuff out his future.

Will Drayez get caught up in the smoke on his way to hustling from crumbs to bricks? Just when things seem bleak, Drayez meets someone who will affect his life in a way he never imagined.

But will this person lift him higher or bring him down? On the road to riches, there's BLOOD ON THE MONEY, and snakes in the garden.

How will Drayez avoid these pitfalls? Or will his world come crashing down?