Blood On The Money: The Chosen One


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CARL is destined for success if he can withstand the many downfalls that plague his generation in the cold, unforgiving city of Chicago, Illinois. When he's befriended by JEWELS, a flashy hustler with ulterior motives, the world becomes Carl's playground. But it's about to turn into a nightmare.

Jewels planned to betray his protege all along, but in doing, so he has grossly underestimated Carl. Now that he knows the art of hustling, Carl is a beast to be reckoned with. He takes on his street enemies and a team of crooked cops, with a kill or be killed mentality until circumstances force him to leave town.

Wherever Carl goes to hustle there's BLOOD ON THE MONEY and deceit in the hearts of men. Will Chi-Town's prodigal son return home victorious? Or will he die in the unfamiliar streets of Wisconsin that he set out to conquer?