Blood Stains of A Shotta: Da Life Of A Rude Boy


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ROCKET was destined to be a bonafied, unrepentant gangsta from the day he came out of his father's nutsack.

Born to a woman who didn't give a damn about him and a father who's a certified thug, serving a life sentence in the penitentiary, Rocket is raised by the streets of Brooklyn, New York, where only the strong survive.

As if the game he strives to master doesn't offer enough trials and tribulations, Rocket must overcome the cold-hearted treachery of his own flesh and blood, a type of betrayal that would bury a lesser man.

But Rocket is cut from a different cloth.

And by his side is JAE, a Jamaican femme fatale, who's loyalty to him is just as resounding as her beauty, and Jae's gun is no joke.

Once a BK gangsta hooks up with the quintessential rude gal, Brooklyn and the other Burroughs of New York become dog food for the inseparable couple, as rivals find out exactly how devastating the BLOOD STAINS OF A SHOTTA can be.