Blood Stains of a Shotta (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Part 1

ROCKET was destined to be a bonafied, unrepentant gangsta from the day he came out of his father's nutsack.

Born to a woman who didn't give a damn about him and a father who's a certified thug, serving a life sentence in the penitentiary, Rocket is raised by the streets of Brooklyn, New York, where only the strong survive. As if the game he strives to master doesn't offer enough trials and tribulations, Rocket must overcome the cold-hearted treachery of his own flesh and blood, a type of betrayal that would bury a lesser man.

But Rocket is cut from a different cloth. And by his side is JAE, a Jamaican femme fatale, who's loyalty to him is just as resounding as her beauty, and Jae's gun is no joke. Once a BK gangsta hooks up with the quintessential rude gal, Brooklyn and the other Burroughs of New York become dog food for the inseparable couple, as rivals find out exactly how devastating the BLOOD STAINS OF A SHOTTA can be.

Part 2

With ROCKET slugged up and unable to retaliate on his enemies, it's up to his man TRAP, and his rude gal, JAE, to show the streets that he is still calling the shots in Brooklyn.

Anyone who opposes them will be met with an unmerciful burst of gunfire. As the bullets fly back and forth and the drama mounts, Jae shows the BK just how thorough her Jamaican pedigree is, especially when they come for her man. Dead or alive, they will respect Rocket, she vows.

But the other side is determined to annihilate everything that Rocket has built, including his loyal homie and his ride or die woman. New York goons are the grimiest but in Rocket's killa band, there are no weak links for the enemy to exploit, unless it is someone from the past who's scorned. With BLOOD STAINS OF A SHOTTA all over the New York streets, who will be victorious in the end? What price will the victors have to pay for the prize?    

Part 3

Brooklyn, New York goons give new meaning to ruthless and grimy.

But ROCKET is built to withstand all opposition as he faces death up close and personal.

In the midst of the murder and mayhem, nothing touches closer to home than what ASHANTI does to him, and he vows to never let anyone take his soul. JAE's loyalty to Rocket is unmatched; not only does she ride for him, she'll smoke and bury anyone who's a threat to her man.

Death before Dishonor and loyalty over everything, even family, is the code that she lives by.

Will it also become the words on her headstone? When tragedy hits and lives are put in danger, the enemy as well as the NYPD will find out that BLOOD STAINS OF A SHOTTA is more than mere words, it's Rocket's, Jae's and Rocket's right-hand man TRAP's way of life, and they will fight until the end before the lay down, flip, snitch or fold.