Bloody Commas (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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GREED, a smooth but ruthless criminal has assembled the city's most notorious robbing crew, The Ski Mask Cartel.

Sworn to secrecy and honor, the clique is on the road to riches and living lavishly when betrayal rears its ugly head.

In response to the inner-treachery, Greed unleashes his savage sons, RAYJON and AJANI, on those who are plotting his demise, and these two brothers bring the pain

With their father calling shots from afar, Rayjon and Ajani become obsessed with murder and money and no rival is spared their wrath.

But some enemies are just as cold as their opposition.

And the quest for money, power and respect can turn the closest friends into foes.

BLOODY COMMAS, a heart-thumping tale of disloyalty and deceit.