Bodymore Murderland


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BILLY LO' and his most trusted partner, DIAMOND, are fresh out of prison with a plan to demonstrate why Baltimore, Maryland is known as BODYMORE MURDERLAND.

Backed by an unlimited drug connect and a deadly team of stick-up boys, the ambitious hustlers are primed to control the most lucrative strip in the East Coast. When the body count rises along with the money, street cred and overall prestige, the whole crew is living good and enjoying their success.

But what happens when the money stops pouring in and the members of this once tight clique are forced to get it out the mud? Pressure either burst pipes or it makes diamonds.

What will it do to Billy Lo' and Diamond? Will old habits resurface and destroy the bonds they've created within their fam? Will ambitions override respect? Will friends become bloodthirsty enemies? Or will honor rule the day, allowing oaths to remain intact as the gunplay and vicious fatalities lead to a record number of murders in the city?