Born Heartless: Chasin’ Demons


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Like the monsters around him, T.J. was BORN HEARTLESS.

The game isn't ready for the likes of this young, street animal, whose mind and murder game is sharp and lethal.

On a mission to uplift his family and himself out of poverty, T.J.

fears nothing and no one.

But all is not well within the family he goes so hard for.

Things quickly take a turn for the worst when those of his bloodline begin to pick off each other for their own selfish gains.

All hell breaks loose after T.J.

loses a loved one close to him, and another one falls into the hands of a dangerous enemy.

Can the windy city of Chicago, Illinois harness this savage with a plan? Or will T.J.'s body count reach epic numbers? In the midst of the money and murder, there's a battle going on in T.J.'s heart.

One woman, he loves for her purity.

The other, he loves for the sinful pleasures associated with her.

Ultimately, the one T.J.

chooses just might alter his fate.