Born Heartless Part 4: Blinded by Hatred


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After surviving the long road of deceit, treachery and cold-blooded attacks by his many enemies, TJ must once again defy the odds in order to master the trenches that were designed to annihilate him. Things quickly take a wrong turn when he is led into a den of vengeful savages hellbent on crushing him and JUELZ.

But TJ isn't the one to fold or crumble when the going gets tough. When deep secrets are revealed in regards to SODO'S death, and the killer turns out to have been under his nose the entire time, TJ turns merciless and his heart becomes blackened.

With PUNKIN vying for his love, and JELISSA vehemently trying to pull him out of the jungle that he has become addicted to, the young savage must choose wisely or lose every thing that he has built. Will TJ be able to conquer his demons? Or will he be swallowed into the dark abyss of those who are BORN HEARTLESS?