Boss 'N Up: Loyalty, Honesty and Respect Has Always Been His Motto.


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Brash, sexy, and dangerous Yaseer is the leader of a young, ambitious team known as The Torture Crew.

They live by a code of Loyalty, honesty, and respect which gets tested every step of the way as jealousy and greed find its way into the midst of the clique's seemingly unbreakable bond.

By Yaseer's side is his family and his ride or die chick, Paris, a strikingly beautiful gangstress whose loyalty to her man is ironclad.

But will Paris remain a true rider when Yaseer's indiscretions rise to the surface and his love for her comes into question? Many can talk the talk but few can walk it, especially when everything that they have built in the treacherous streets turn against them.

When family ties get broken and bodies begin to fall, and the one love that was supposed to be infallible turns against him, Yaseer remains determined not to fold.

It is in times of chaos and destruction that the cream rises to the top.

Turn the pages of Boss'N Up and fall in love with the best that ever did it.